End Of Moore’s law

Yes that can be true Moore’s law which says that the number of of transistor will double every two year , is ready for the retirement . After 50 year of tectonic improvements microchip finally may be reaching its limit .

April 25 marks the 50th aniversary of the patent for a silicon integrated circuit . “The rate of progress is finally beginning to show sings of slowing down” says Steve Furber of the University of Manchester in Britain.The most advanced computer now contain transistor that are just 100 to 150 atoms across .Designing a controllable transistor with such a precision takes the equivalent of hundreds of man years ,and no one want to take the the financial risk . This is called the Productive Gap the growth of the productivity is far more less then the growth of the transistor per chip

.”There are about 10 years more to go before we reach the absolute limit . People have been saying that for last 30 years , but this time i thing it is probably right ” he concludes . (courtesy TOI)


Top 5 Reasons Why You should choose Ubuntu over Windows

1. Price
The price for any Ubuntu distribution will always be free. This has been made possible by the thousands of people who give up their free time to develop this operating system. You may ask yourself even though the operating system is made by a big public community it doesn’t mean to say that the software that it has been distributed with the OS, has also been made by public communities of their own. An answer to this will be that yes they have, all the software Ubuntu uses like itself have all been developed from developers within a community giving up their free time. All software within Ubuntu contains an open source licence this allows the software to be redistributed, and for the source code that it is programmed from to be changed. This is how the Ubuntu community selects its software that is going to be released in the upcoming version of the Ubuntu operating system.

2. Viruses
This is one of the biggest worries for Windows users as most viruses can be deadly and apocalyptic to your computer system if not quarantined or removed. The reason why Ubuntu users do not need to worry about viruses is that most creators of viruses see no point in writing viruses for Linux rather that Windows, because Linux is only the third most popular operating system behind Mac and Windows. By joining the millions of users today who are using Ubuntu you are doing good deeds for your computer, this is because you are preventing it from being damaged by spyware and other viruses.

3. Software
Ubuntu is the right choice for you as many of the software that you use that have Mac and Windows releases will most likely have a Ubuntu release, this may also be known as a Linux Release. The other advantage of Ubuntu is its very quick and handy software centre allows the quick and easy download of thousands of applications that are all free. There are many different packages categorised into different groups such as games, Developer tools, Office software, internet and many more.

4. Compatibility
Windows software can be made compatible by installing software such as VMware or Virtual Box and creating virtual Windows machines and putting all your windows only programs on without harming your Ubuntu Operating System. But if you’re using a net book or small hard drive it would be ideal for you to install a software package called wine this would be the ideal less storage space equivalent to Virtual box this allows exe and msi files to run on ubuntu. But if you are using a desktop computer I would suggest using Virtual Box as it would be much more efficient.

5. Community Support
Ubuntu has two types of support for the user these are the community support and the professional support. This professional support is only aimed at users who request this and other businesses who are interested in incorporating Ubuntu into their businesses. These services are provided Canonical Ltd, Owned by Mark Shuttleworth the leading developer of Ubuntu. The difference with Ubuntu and Windows is that in Ubuntu because the operating system has been developed by the community, if you have a problem you can very quickly and easily talk to the person who developed that part of the system via IM Chat and ask them if they can think of a solution. I don’t see normal people who use windows often ending up talking to Bill Gates about their problems.
I suggest that for anyone looking at this and using Windows that you should change your operating system to Ubuntu. If you cannot change I will suggest using the feature of Ubuntu which allows you to install the operating system inside windows. I have done this many times and recommend it to anyone using windows who does not wish to uninstall windows.

Installing Pygame for Python3 on Fedora 14

This post is going to show you how tho install Pygame for Python3 on Fedora 14

First you have to install all the dependencies for this type the following command

1.sudo yum install python3 python3-tools python3-devel SDL SDL-devel  SDL_image SDL_image-devel SDL_mixer SDL_mixer-devel SDL_net  SDL_net-devel SDL_ttf SDL_ttf-devel smpeg smpeg-devel portmidi  portmidi-devel libjpeg-devel libpng-devel

Now download pygame from the following link http://www.pygame.org/download.shtml

Then for installing pygame you have to type following commands

cd pygame
python3 config.py
python3 setup.py build
phython3 setup.py install
now while installing the this you will get the following error message

/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lprottime
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

now to fix this error

cd /usr/lib
ln -s libportmidi.so.0 libporttime.so

Pygame rocks