End Of Moore’s law

Yes that can be true Moore’s law which says that the number of of transistor will double every two year , is ready for the retirement . After 50 year of tectonic improvements microchip finally may be reaching its limit .

April 25 marks the 50th aniversary of the patent for a silicon integrated circuit . “The rate of progress is finally beginning to show sings of slowing down” says Steve Furber of the University of Manchester in Britain.The most advanced computer now contain transistor that are just 100 to 150 atoms across .Designing a controllable transistor with such a precision takes the equivalent of hundreds of man years ,and no one want to take the the financial risk . This is called the Productive Gap the growth of the productivity is far more less then the growth of the transistor per chip

.”There are about 10 years more to go before we reach the absolute limit . People have been saying that for last 30 years , but this time i thing it is probably right ” he concludes . (courtesy TOI)


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