Practicals and Theories

When i talk about practicals then one thing that come into my mind is ” ye tho farzi hai yaar ” .  Well this is really pity but that is what everybody think here at RTU . What i think that practicals should be given as much as importance as theory part is given .When i asked one of my faculty that what is the use of perl language why we are studying it then he replied ” bcoz this is in syllabus of  RTU  only listen what i am saying no question !!! ”  well this is not funny!!!  but funny part is that he never teach us any thing about perl except its full-form .

When i was attending the first class of java  my teacher informed me that no one is prefect in java so he is going to teach us only that part so that we can pass the RTU exams well the is really rediculous  .If somebody want  to code in java then he needs two thing either he is lucky that got a pc in which java is installed or bring your own java setup each time you come in labs . who cares just pass in java in that is it . the same thing was in c and all the labs that i have attend in my four years .

Every body knows that getch function is used to stop the screen well that is not the  thing that this  function  do nobody know what this function do because we have only used that function in the last line of the program , well that is because of lack of practicals .  I don’t know how you can you be software engineer without doing practicals. The best way to learn a language is by doing practicals . More importance should be given to the practicals and project in colleges , but i don’t know how can this problem be solved comment here if anybody know .