How to post to twitter from Google Reader

Google Reader is the best web rss reader where you can read your suscribed websites . Now if you want to share these article on twitter or facebook then there is no direct way . But you can do this by using  a website twitterfeed . First you have to create a account on this site and after that  give the rss feed addres of you google reader shared page . And now the every article which you share will now be posted on twitter . And you can also track your links .


Configuring you linux-machine to Welcomes you

I have seen in may Hollywood movies that when some login his/her computer, it welcomes the user by speaking a message . I have tried to do this in my linux machine. All linux flavor provide us a very useful software called festival this is a text to speech converter it convert text to speech , I have created following script .

echo ” Hi zades you are welcome today is “|festival –tts
date| cut -d” ” -f 1-3 |festival –tts

In this script i have used festival and echo command , with the help of piping i made output of echo command as the input of festival command . Now the message written in echo will be converted into speech by your computer . This script also speak day and date of present day.
This is very small use of this command . You can also write a script which will tell you, who are online on pidgin(by speaking). It can be used in many ways comment if you know how to use this software more creatively.

Desktop twins

In this post i am going to tell you how to create a virtual twin of yourself using gimp . For this you will need two photographs of you Now here is step by step screenshot how to do that

1. Copy these Images in gimp in two layers for that you have open one image in gimp and open other image as new layer .

2.Now you have to make the first layer invisible by clicking the eye icon in the layer tool . Now go in the toolbox and select he free hand tool and select the area of the layer around you .

3. Now in the third step make layer visible again by clicking the eye icon , no you have to make a layer mask by right clicking the layer select Add layer a mask then select the white color full opacity and then click ok thiswill add a mask to the layer . make sure you section is not lost .

 4 . now in last step select the brush tool and now make sure the color of the brush is black and start coloring the selected area , and you will see that the portion of the below layer will be visible now and paint the whole selected area now will get some like this . Make sure that is whole process the selection is not lost .

5. Now you will see that there is some contrast in both the layer . you can minimize this effect by applying blur effect for this go to filters->blur->gaussian blur and set the value to 4 px and apply the effect . and in end you will get the final result