Configuring you linux-machine to Welcomes you

I have seen in may Hollywood movies that when some login his/her computer, it welcomes the user by speaking a message . I have tried to do this in my linux machine. All linux flavor provide us a very useful software called festival this is a text to speech converter it convert text to speech , I have created following script .

echo ” Hi zades you are welcome today is “|festival –tts
date| cut -d” ” -f 1-3 |festival –tts

In this script i have used festival and echo command , with the help of piping i made output of echo command as the input of festival command . Now the message written in echo will be converted into speech by your computer . This script also speak day and date of present day.
This is very small use of this command . You can also write a script which will tell you, who are online on pidgin(by speaking). It can be used in many ways comment if you know how to use this software more creatively.

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