Google+ mixture of Facebook twitter and Tumblr

It has been two days since i have received Google + and in my view it is a mixture of all three social site Facebook , twitter and Tumblr . Now let us take it one by one .

1. Google+ like Facebook : Google  + is in fight with Facebook and probably it is more or less same as Facebook we can share post , photos and video.  we have a stream and of wall we can make circles like list in Facebook . But the sharing option in G+ contain are much more privacy , i can choose what i have to share with whom . Very easily i can choose what i want to share with my friends and what with my mom . The killer feature of G+ is the hangout which i haven’t use yet ( you all have probably used it ) .

2. Google+ like twitter : Google + is also same like twitter where you can follow your interest this feature is sparks . And if you have added someone to your circle then it doesn’t mean that you are also in the circle of the other person it is same like follow follower rule in twitter . you can see all your post from people who are not in your circle in incoming section if you want to see.

3. Google+ like Tumblr  : Now like tumblr you can write as much as you want and share to your friends and people can follow you by putting you in follow circle if they think that your post are interesting and cool .

So all and one google + is the product which everybody was waiting . The UI is the best i have ever seen , hangout is a revolution , sparks are interesting , circles are the most easiest way to create group . Instead of buzz and wave google has hit bulls eye this time


2 thoughts on “Google+ mixture of Facebook twitter and Tumblr

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