Manipulating PDFs using Pdf Toolkit in Linux

Creating a pdf file in Linux is easy , but when it comes to manipulating the pdf it is tricky . But if you can manipulate pdfs by using pdf toolkit this is command line tool and gives you several options to work on . This is the best Tool kit that i have found for Linux to manipulating the pdf files .  you can install it by following command

yum install pdftk
This will work if you are using fedora for other distribution the installation method will change .Now  following  are commands that you can use

pdftk     a.pdf  brust
This command will split your whole pdf file into single pages

pdftk  a.pdf b.pdf cat output  c.pdf
This command will merge the two file and store it to the output file

 pdftk    a.pdf cat 1-6  10-end output  c.pdf
This command will delete pages from no 7  to 9

You can fill forms using this tool  or add attachment to the file option are lot for this toolkit you can use manuals of the  toolkit or the PDFhacks


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