How to make any website’s Desktop app using chrome app .

Image representing Remember The Milk as depict...

Image via CrunchBase

When Start my computer at morning i have to open my all important software like Pidgin, Chrome, konvorsation, trupal , Netbeans etc . And i have to do this every morning  so made a script and i run that script to do the task . I also waned to perform the same task for web browser so here here is an simple trick of how to convert a website in desktop app .

For doing this you have to Install Google app for all your website which you have to open  daily like Gmail , Facebook , Remember the milk etc .After installing the app go to the app and right click it it will give you the option of creating shortcut of the app you can add the shortcut to your Desktop or to the application menu , below is the screenshot

Now you Don’t have to open you browser for   favourite sites . Well That is not end there is one more trick if you are using linux then you can be super fast . I am using Fedora 14 and to make this fast i have installed Gnome-do it is a tiny software that let you search through all your application installed now when you search for Facebook or Gmail  these website will appear as application . Here is screenshot




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