Clipboard reinventing the copy and paste

Today when i was reading the mashable i saw this interesting web site called clipboard . As it name suggest the it is used to clip some thing from the web . We know that there are many other interesting web apps like Evernote , clipmarks etc , but when i tried this it is the most easiest one what you have to is the just install a clipboard bookmark to your bookmark toolbar and that is it .
Now if you have to clip some thing you have to just click the book mark and select the area which you want to clip , the impressing thing of this website is that it doesn’t loses the function of the content you are clipping here is what mashable says

“Clipboard’s richness of clips makes it unique. While most copy-and-paste services either save only the text or basic structure of a website or article, Clipboard actually saves the original functionality and format of the items a user shares. If you decide to save a Wolfram Alpha page or a Facebook Post, Clipboard will retain its content, structure and even some of its functionality. ”
here is an example worflamalpha

following is the screen shot which i have clipped

This my ticker when i clipped it from my clipboard . I have some invitation if any body want comment here, this site is in private beta or read this article of mashable 

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