How to install Fedora 3.5 gb dvd iso using usb most ,easiest way .[usb boot]

The device pictured is a 128MiB PNY Attaché US...

The most easiest way tho install a fedora is by burning the iso file to dvd and then install from that dvd . But some time you don’t have a working Cd Rom , in that case you have to install fedora from usb . Making the bootable usb  from the live image is very easy you can use any software like unetbootin or other software . Making a bootable usb form dvd is tricky though . But i have found the most simplest and easy way on fedora’s site . So at first you need to install the following software from yum .

$ su -c "yum install liveusb-creator" $ su -c "yum install livecd-tools"
Now after installing these software attach your usb drive to the computer and run following command
# fdisk -l
This command will show you the partition table from where you have see the name of your pen drive which could be /dev/sdb/  , /dev/sdc/ , after that unmount the pen drive [This is important step] . you can unmount from the both command line or from usb , following is the command
#umount /dev/sdb 
Now run the following command to make the media bootable.
# livecd-iso-to-disk path-to/Fedora-16-i386-DVD.iso /dev/sdb
if every thing is all right there will be no error your bootable usb will be created .If usb is not suitable that you can get some errors .
Error no 1 : Partition is not marked bootable .
this means that the usb that your are using is not marked as bootable so you have to mark it as bootable following is the procedure .
First type the following command
#parted /dev/sdb this will bring you into the parted utility  affter that type the following command
(parted) print 
this will print some thing like this 
Number  Start   End     Size    Type     File system  Flags
 1      32.3kB  1062MB  1062MB  primary  fat16
you can see that under the Flags coll um   nothing is printed to make it bootable type following command
(parted) toggle 1 boot This will made mark you usb as bootable you check this from using print command .  
Error no 2 : Your file system must be vfat ext[2,3] or brtfs
This means you have to change the file system of your usb for this us following command
mkdosfs /dev/sdb This will change the file system to msdos .
In this way you can install fedora from a dvd iso  using usb if you don't have working usb and network . If you have some another way tell in comments 

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5 thoughts on “How to install Fedora 3.5 gb dvd iso using usb most ,easiest way .[usb boot]

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  3. plz tell me how to install Fedora-16-i386-DVD.iso(3.4 GB) through USB.i have window & already install in my computer and also having 30 GB Unallocated memory for Linux.plz guide me

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