Redshift not working in fedora15 ,16 !!! here is solution to protect your eyes .

Redshift is a small software for Gnu-Linux which help you to protect your eyes , it will change the color and temperature of your screen according to your day night setting . it will change change the color of the screen as the day  is progressed . At night ,color of your temperature  will be very dull to protect your eyes . Now you will be thinking that how this software does it automatically it is simply by knowing your latitude and longitude .  Here is the command by which you can download and install in fedora

yum install redshift 
yum install gtk-redshift

Until fedora 14 there was no problem because it was configured automatically with gnome clock which had a location option. But now in fedora 16 there is no location in the clock so you can  not start redshift automatically . So you have to configure it manually and here the option how to do it

gtk-redshift -l   LAT:LONG


Type you cities longitude and latitude , use this command and you will be having a running redshift  in fedora 16

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How to get the new Google tool bar [Google Redesign]

Google has redesigned the tool bar it will be reach to everyone you but if you want to see this redesign now you have to do this simple hack . fire install this chrome extension Edit this cookies .

Now open and hit the extension and head to the PREF section and add this to its value .

Now reload the page and you will see the new Google tool bar here is screen shot

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