Chrome extension for vim addicts . Vimium Hacker’s browser

If you are vim addicted like me then vimium is a Chrome extension for you . vim is  text editor for Linux which is very powerful and  is used by Linux geeks . If you are addicted to the vim’s key board shortcut then you should use this extension . This extension will provide you the keyboard shortcuts which is very similar to vim’s shortcut keys . Read full post at Geekkamer 


Some deadly Linux commands that you should never use.

In my previous post  we told you some basic Linux commands that you should know .If you are new to Linux, chances are you will meet a stupid person perhaps in a forum or chat room that can trick you into using commands that will harm your files or even your entire operating system. To avoid this dangerous scenario from happening, I have here a list of deadly Linux commands that you should avoid.  Read full article at Geekkamer 

Welcome to the Post-WIMP Era

As far as I know

It is hard to say exactly when the WIMP paradigm came into being. The mouse and pointer (or ‘bug’ as it was originally called) came out of the work of Douglas Engelbart and his research staff at the Stanford Research Institute during the mid to late 1960s (his Mother of all Demonstrations is still amazing to watch). It was later, with Xerox Parc’s Alto and Xerox Star, and with the Apple Lisa, that the WIMP approach solidified. Which device got there first is somewhat irrelevant; between them, these early devices established the central features of what we now know as desktop environments.

The ‘WIMP’ paradigm is made up of four key components: windows, icons, menus and a pointer. The approach was highly file-centric when it was conceived, and mimicked the physical world of the office. There were files and file systems, and a desktop containing a variety of objects, such…

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Basic Linux commands for Newbies

Here are Basic commands for newbies . As we know Command line interface or Linux is as powerful as Graphical user interface .  If know how to work on command line then you can do your work very fast . Using command for newbies are somewhat tricky but when you get used to it , you will come to know that this is the best thing in Linux . For full article read Geekkamer 

How to configure cinnamon Desktop in fedora .


Cinnamon is Shell for of gnome shell which is created to provide traditional layout of gnome desktop with new technologies . we have reviewed cinnamon desktop and tell you how to install it in fedora . But configuring cinnamon  desktop is not really easy in fedora . In this post we will tell you how to configure cinnamon desktop  in fedora . Read full article at Geekkamer 

Two new videos of gnome 3 design interface and UX .

Recently a blog was posted by Allany  in his blog as far as i know . In this post two videos are shown of gnome 3 design interface . As we all know that Gnome has changed the look and feel of desktop environment which his very different from traditional desktop . And after watching this video we can say that this drift from traditional desktop will go on   . Read full article here

From now on I will be writing blogs at Geekkamer

As blogging has now become passion for me i can’t stop writing blogs . I love to write blogs related to Linux , tips n tricks open source news or any thing that i found interesting on internet . and i tried to share what i know with people and some people really appreciated it ( Well SOME is good at starting)  . I am waiting for my joining call and between started writing blogs i found it better than Facebook or twitter as it provide full swings to your thought .
I have a thought of giving back to internet what i have learned from internet . so i have started posting blogs on Geekkamer. It is a  website build in contribution with some of my friends . so , from now  i will be post on that site. All my blogs that i am going to post here will be now cross posted with Geekkamer . For more info visit Geekkamer