Hover zoom a chrome extension which will make it easy to view photos.

Hover zoom is a chrome extension which will make it easy to view photos at many sites . What it does is that instead of clicking a photo to view , it make it to zooms on just a mouse hover . I have been using a similar kind of extension for Facebook called fbzoom . But this extension works on many sites including Facebook , amazon , reedit , flicker , tumblr etc . The extension at chrome store says following
“Browse images galleries with ease: move the mouse cursor over thumbnails to view images in their full size without loading a new page. Pictures are automatically resized if they don’t fit the window.”

Here is the screen shot of how it looks .




After installing this extension you have to just hover an image to see its full version . Some time on sites we see thumbnail of a screenshot and we have click the image to see what it is , but this extension saves time you have to just hover the mouse it to see it . as in my post the above screenshot is also a thumbnail , you have to just hover it to see the full size .
After installing this extension you will see an icon in the url bar if the extension is active on that site .This extension has good options to configure . You can set delay and animation duration  , you can also disable it for some specific site . In the option setting you can also set key shortcut to enable or disable this extension. following are the list of options

• Disable zooming for specific sites

• Enable zooming only for specific sites (white list mode)

• Adjustable delay and fading effect

• Zoom images only when a specific key is held down

• Semi-transparent zoomed images

Conclusion is that this extension is real-time saver . Do you like this extension tell or you have something better tell me in comments .
Download Hover Zoom

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Vinay Jhedu

I have done B.tech from Engineering College Bikaner in 2011, i am Red Hat Certified Engineer and Currently working as Graduate Software Engineer . I love writing blog and do coding . I completely support open source all software that is use are open source

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For more info visit this Hover zoom a chrome extension which will make it easy to view photos.

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