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I have recently upgraded my ThinkPad T500’s operating system to Ubuntu 12.10 and everything went very smooth except an annoying issue: the suspend functionality was not activated when I closed the laptop lid. Running pm-suspend from the command line, clicking on the Suspend from the GUI, or using the Fn+F4 key combination was working and my laptop was going into the sleep mode but somehow closing the lid was not achieving the same effect.

A quick Google search turned this bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-power-manager/+bug/863834 and a simple work around: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-power-manager/+bug/863834/comments/30

So I have decided to implement a similar workaround, but instead of using pm-suspend, I preferred to use dbus-send to invoke the sleep mode (see http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=11331634&postcount=6 for more details):

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Some Days Without Smartphone

Recently I bought a Sony Xperia J android Smartphone.I bought it and thought that it will make me more productive and will save my lot of time. It was working very I downloaded many apps to make me more productive and I assumed that I am now more productive.  I thought apps like Facebook , Twitter and Instagram Will make me social hero. But recently I analyzed I am more productive without my smartphone.

In a period of three months I have put my smarphone in service center for 3 times. The model that bought sucks a lot. This post is not about arguing how bad Sony Xperia j is it is about some days without smartphone.

I have submitted my phone last Saturday I am not using any phone I am in switch off mode. These days are quite mixed for me, some time it’s good sometime its bad. I think it is not about good or bad it is about what is important for you. For me mental peace is most important so i am quite happy without smartphone.

Now the first thing is that there is no alarm clock to wake me up early in the morning. I have to borrow it from someone else, well!! That is pain in neck; this can be resolved by bringing a new alarm clock. I am ready for the office bit early because I don’t waste my time checking mails, social media notification and Google reader. My morning is now more productive.

After reaching office i check all my mails and Google reader feeds on my office machine. The only thing that I miss is my music now that is again pain in neck. In office I don’t face any distraction in forms of call , sms or social notification. I am not concentrating more on my work. It may be the case of will power that how often you check your mail but for me it was my habit of checking my phone after every half an hour. So, for me it is real peace to not have a phone with me. I am no longer on line on g-talk and facebook so no distraction in forms of pings.

These days I have less work in office so I spend my e hours after lunch in library. There I  miss my phone allot because I not able to make notes on evernote.This is the first time from morning I have missed my phone.

I check all my personal mail, social notification and Wordpress notification only after reaching home. In office I am only doing my official work and this increases my productivity in office. And in night also I am sleeping early. I am no longer gazing on my Smartphone lying on bed. There is no sense of urgency of replying someone or posting comment on Facebook, and there is a peace in my life.

I am enjoying these days without phone and I have learned what are good and bad of Smartphone. If you use you Smartphone wisely then it is useful thing otherwise it is waste of time. Share your thought on comments.