The four stages of “getting” Twitter.

The four stages of “getting” Twitter.The infograph of twitter is very true the same thing happen to me does this also happen to you tell me in comments


Fastertweet simple and Fast Twitter client : How to install

Python and Qt

The first reason to create this client was to learn python , and i have learned a lot.
From few days i was searching for a simple twitter client , from simple twitter client i meanwhich one has the function of sending tweets only , my twitter timeline is very fast and don’t want all that notification when i m at work , which hotot or trupial and other clients provide . so I created this software Fastertweet by using Tweepy twitter api , pyhton and pyqt4

 The first reason to create this client was to learn python .

It  is simplest twitter client start the client , type your tweet and hit enter that is it .you can download it from here  .

It can be used in Linux only and here are its dependency

  1. Pyhton
  2. Pygtk 
  3. Tweepy (Twitter Api )

Pyhton and pygtk are installed already in fedora (I am usin fedora 15 )  you can download Tweepy rpm package from here

Because i don’t know how to package a software in RPM or DEB so you will find only executable files so here is the way of how to installing the client

1 Go to terminal and run the from following command
It will open a browser to authenticate your twitter account to my client after authorizing go to the terminal and hit Enter , That is it you are now authorized with this client

2. Make the file executable  (you can run it from terminal also ) , for right click the file go the permission tab and you will find the option of making the file executable  . Now you can start the client by clicking the file

here are  the screenshot of the software

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