Chrome extension for vim addicts . Vimium Hacker’s browser

If you are vim addicted like me then vimium is a Chrome extension for you . vim is  text editor for Linux which is very powerful and  is used by Linux geeks . If you are addicted to the vim’s key board shortcut then you should use this extension . This extension will provide you the keyboard shortcuts which is very similar to vim’s shortcut keys . Read full post at Geekkamer 


Search Tab : Awesome Chrome Extension for Searching in multiple platform simultaneously

I found this Extension Search tab . when i was surfing net it the best Chrome extension for searching at different website simultaneously .It will attach as a side bar when you will search on Google .This extension provide following website to search

Personal Search : Gmail , Fcebook , Google docs Etc ,

Public Search : Wikipedia , Amazon, Newyork time , twitter , linkdin , You tube etc 

Below is the Gif image how it works . The most lovely Feature is that you can search you gmail too that is the most coolest feature .(Please Double click the image if it is not working)
Download Extension