Alternative of Google Reader , Google is going to kill it.

Here is a good news for all those who were sad after listening  the new that google is killing google reader. Feedly is going to do the transaction seamlessly. It will trasfer all your data using its project Normandy.



The New Google Reader design Hate it or Like It

Today Google have redesigned Google Reader with the Google + integration . The design is similar to the redesign of   Google calander or Docs and gmail , it is more cleaner and simpler now .The greater change is the addition of Google+ sharing. Google has replaced the “Like” button with the +1 button. Well some people are liking the changes and some are in shock what the hell had happened ,” where is the share option ” , “where is the follow option ” . People who are not using are Google + are forced to share the post to google + .

I personally like the changes because i always wanted a easy option to share my readers post to Google + . I have used Google reader as a feed reader only as i have no follower and i don’t follow anybody , but i want to share the most interesting feeds to my friends only . Sharing it on G+ is now easy you share it by clicking the +1 button but you can also share it by using the Google bar. When you click on the share option in right corner of the screen it will automatically take the link which you are reading here are the screen shot .







While Google Reader’s notes got some usage, dropping them in favor of Google+ is the logical move for a company that is now trying to unify all of its social efforts under one banner. some people are not liking it read it here   people had signed petition to save the old version .  Well i thing the new version is ok what do you thing tell in comments